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About us

Eclips Accessories name was created by combining two concepts, E commerce and clip-on earrings.  My father was an entrepreneur and a very wise man.  He said to find a need in the community and fill it.  Here at Eclips Accessories, we feel we are doing that with our clip-on earrings.  We have inquired of many people who admit to not wearing pierced earrings for one reason or another.  What we found is a need for classy, trendy and sophisticated clip-on earrings.  We also pride ourselves on creating unique one-of-a-kind or a few-of-a-kind clip-on earrings.  Your uniqueness is important to us.  We have also added a pierced earring option to most products.  

My sister and I have combined our talents and have successfully married our ideas to give you the products of our creativity.  We look forward to serving you for years to come.